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Never have I seen a contest so rigged: Yacht to be ashamed…

Styx and I tried our hands at the Toronto Star's Caption Contest:


"Riding Bear-Back"

"Calling for Bad Cub"

"Sometimes Load Don't Fill Like It Should You Make It Ursa Good..."

"Wildlife: You Bin Some and You Loose Some"

Bear: "What tranquil eyes, sir..."       Cop: "The better to sleep you with, my dear"

"It's Allah Over Now, Baby Bruin: Bear's Refusal to Observe Islamic Ritual Insults White Meccalomaniac"


‎"Down Beariscope"

"Down in the Dumps: Negotiator Pleads with Depressed Bear to "Just Go Black Home"

‎"Winnie Back-Up Down Here!"

"Ursine of the Times"

"Trash Godfather Speaks: Make Me and Offer I Can't Refuse

"The Last Vestiges of Nature Disposed Of Unceremoniously: Urban Sprawl 1"

"Trouble: A bruin"


"Bear Fondly Remembers Toronto Trash Strike"

"Tired of Hearing 'White Christmas' On Repeat Outside of Eaton's Centre, Bear Retreats to Dumpster to Plan Own Suicide"


Cop: "Is this legal?" Other Cop: "Bearly"

"Freegan Bear Dumpster Dives For Fresh Produce; Hassled by Fascist Cop"

"Goldilocks Found Dead In Grizzly Murder"

"Bear Steals Trash From Mayor Rob Ford's Private Dumpster, Ford Calls 911; Claims Later 'It was dark and I didn't recognize the bear'"

"Police Officer And Bear Team Up To Find Lost Contact Lens"

"Legally Blind K-9 Unit Officer Abruptly Realizes His Mistake"

‎"The editorial staff for the Toronto Star Must be in here SOMEWHERE" muses local bear"

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  1. Don’t forget my entry. Also Styx’s last one probably shoulda won.

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